CEO Message

Group Chief Executive Officer

Murshed Al Redaini

A Message from our Group CEO

Welcome to Yas Holding.  Despite our short history, we have established ourselves as an outstanding investor, generating consistent returns and continually expanding into new and different sectors of the global marketplace. Since its inception in June 2006, Yas Holding has grown tremendously by strategically investing in aerospace, communication systems, healthcare, information technology, education, agriculture, food, and construction.

At the heart of Yas Holding’s operations is a team of highly qualified professionals from around the world, with a variety of skills and perspectives, each of whom was chosen for their dedication and commitment to excellence. We draw from this incredible source of talent to build a group of companies which is committed to the satisfaction of our customers, and to delivering projects of profound significance for our world.

I would like to express my appreciation to our customers for their ongoing trust, and to the management and staff of Yas Holding and our group divisions, sectors and companies for their continuing efforts to ensure our group both repays this trust, and achieves its ambitious objectives.