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Barajeel Contracting Holding

Barajeel Contracting Holding is the holding company for our Contracting Division. This Division offers a comprehensive range of products and services in the building materials and construction industry. With companies who are leaders in the field of design, construction and project management, the Group delivers exceptional projects of all sizes with a focus on sustainable building and renewable energy. The Group’s rapid deployment companies deliver shelter and camp facilities for military, medical and commercial needs.

Canopus General Contracting

Unique and distinctive construction services with a sharp commercial focus

Canopus General Contracting (CGC), established in 2011, offers complete and unique turnkey project construction and management solutions to our clients. From the initial stages of project inception, covering the planning, construction and project management, all the way through to hand-over & plus facility management, CGC is a leader in the field of construction and project management providing outstanding projects, on time, within budget and with exceptional quality.

CGC consists of highly professional management, technical and engineering teams that are fully equipped to handle small, medium and large-scale projects.

We are recognised as one of the leading construction management companies in the industry, continuously exceeding expectations with our strong client focus to deliver.

Tel:+971 2 657 8350
Mob: + 971 52 162 6661

Elite Design & Engineering Consultancy

Leading the way with the highest industry standards in quality, safety and excellence

Elite Design & Engineering Consultancy (EDEC) has shown tremendous growth in the years since inception with a vast portfolio of projects ranging from residential to schools, vocational and technical institutions, universities and many other specialised projects. This portfolio has earned EDEC a prestigious standing amongst its peers in the market, especially with EDEC’s international recognition for designing and delivering the Khalifa University Extension project in Abu Dhabi.

EDEC is very proud to be one of the few design consultancies serving the educational sector in the UAE, designing and implementing many schools, specialised academic institutions and universities across the Emirates.

We offer complete and unique turn-key project management consultancy solutions to clients, starting from the initial stages of project inception covering planning, design, construction supervision, and project management.

Since 2011, EDEC’s structure has been steadily evolving towards an asset-based organisation. Its new organisation structure is focused on accountability for asset performance, delivery and enhanced communication.

Key Numbers
Serving the UAE educational sector with more than 500,000 square meters of specialized educational space spanning the emirates.

Learn more at:  www.edec.ae/en

Tel:+971 2 657 8350

Mob: +971 2 657 8357


United Technologies General Trading

A Tradition of Excellence. United Technologies General Trading (UTGT) is a one stop destination to provide the best air-conditioning, ventilation and refrigeration solutions for your needs. We continuously strive towards excellence in client engagement and service delivery, thereby positioning ourselves as your most preferred solutions provider. We provide innovative technologies and high-quality products that preserve the environment, improve people’s quality of life and reduce facilities operational costs through first class international business partners, products and services focusing on customers’ needs and satisfaction.

UTGT operates to both international and local quality recognised standards, implementing processes and procedures that enhance customer experiences. Through continuous improvement we provide the highest quality products and services available worldwide at market competitive prices and best value for money. We possess the agility and flexibility to tailor our solutions and services based on your specific requirement. Our experienced team of designers, project managers and engineers ensure quick turnaround from concept to commissioning. We guarantee reliable, efficient and cost competitive solutions, thus providing you with the best value for money proposition. Our solutions offer significant reductions in energy consumption cost, without inhibiting performance, in both operating or under construction properties.

Learn more at: www.utgt.ae 

Tel:+971 2 507 44 30

Mob: +971 2 657 8357


Weatherhaven Middle East

A world leader in providing rapidly deployable and re-deployable shelters and camp systems with fast setup and takedown speeds for your military, medical, or commercial needs.

Weatherhaven has over 30 years’ experience in delivering a variety of easily portable, rugged and comfortable shelter systems to military forces all over the world, as well as extensive experience in delivering to peacekeeping and other scientific or governmental customers, with our proven shelter systems. The company has established itself as a world leader in all aspects of remote deployments, including integrated design, manufacturing, transport logistics, installation, demobilisation, life cycle maintenance, refitting and between project storage – all while delivering the highest quality of life and personal security from the elements. What stands Weatherhaven out from other vendors is our exceptional and proven history in delivering turnkey complete camp capabilities, with our own high quality shelter systems at the heart of these camps.

Since the 1990s, Weatherhaven has delivered its mobile military camps and field hospitals to key conflict zones over the past three decades including Kosovo, Iraq and Afghanistan. Weatherhaven designed, manufactured and delivered the 2000 person Canadian Forces camp at Camp Julien in Kabul, Afghanistan, offering a complete turnkey infrastructure with all supporting utilities.

Key Numbers
Weatherhaven Global Resources equipment has been deployed with over 20 military organisations, on all 7 continents, and in every climatic zone on the planet, since 1981.

Learn more at:  www.weatherhaven.com

Tel: + 971 4 3212191

Mob: + 971 52 162 6661