A subsidiary of Yas Holding, Elagro leverages on the unrivalled strength and scale of Elite Agro, our industry leading agriculture division, to bring a complete range of agricultural inputs alongside the latest agri-innovations at competitive rates, making them equally available to small, medium, and large-scale farmers.

We support the UAE’s agricultural industry by supplying high-quality seeds, fertilisers, and protective covers. Our expertise lies in our ability to combine our product range with the most innovative pollination, irrigation, and water desalination solutions that address the challenges posed by the world’s most demanding farming environments.

We believe that sustainability and efficiency are key to empowering local farmers to produce high quality food that consumers can trust whilst protecting the nation’s food security agenda.

Elagro is the UAE’s exclusive agricultural inputs trader and distributor of Rivulis®, BioBee®, and Maxgrow® products.

Contact Information


Phone Number: +971(2)5105000

Email: sales@elagro.ae