Elite Agro Mauritania

Elite Agro Mauritania

We are committed to innovation in local farming practices in line with our mission to support the country’s journey towards achieving self-reliance and food security.

A subsidiary of the UAE Elite Agro Group (A Yas Holding Company), Elite Agro Mauritania SARL (EAM) was founded in 2015, with the aim of investing in Agricultural and Livestock sectors in Mauritania, enriching the locally grown vegetable, fodder and fruit markets.

EAM’s, Aftout Sahil project in Keur Macène, Trarza region, 153 kms, South of Nouakchott, became fully operational in 2018 with 50 net houses of Blueberries. Aftout Sahil farm with a total area of 4.000ha aims to be Mauritania’s largest fresh vegetable and fodder enterprise. The business has since expanded into melon and watermelon fruit production alongside alfalfa potatoes and onions.

EAM has begun the implementation of its second farm N’teikane, located in the Trarza region, 72 km North East of the Southern City of Rosso on the Senegal river.

With fully operational support systems and a team of highly motivated professionals, EAM’s head office is based in the capital city of Mauritania – Nouakchott and is the supply and support hub for the two farming operations in the South.

EAM using state of the art agribusiness systems will help provide employment, agricultural knowledge, technical advancement and food security for the Mauritanian people

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