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Al Rawafed Serbia

Welcome to Al Rawafed Serbia.

One of the leading producers of different varieties of high-quality crops for domestic and foreign markets using the latest agricultural technologies.

Al Rawafed Serbia is a joint venture between Elite Agro LCC and the Republic of Serbia. The Company was established with the aim of advancing and developing Serbian agriculture by investing in crop production, modern mechanisation and farming methods, irrigation systems, new logistics, and infrastructure. Al Rawafed Serbia grows a wide range of highly quality agricultural products on 10,418 ha of land in the Vojvodina region including 128 ha of organic certified production.

Our vision and goal is to invest in the development of agricultural production and modernisation of existing infrastructure in the Republic of Serbia. Key elements of ARS operations include accelerated business development, development of irrigation systems, land management, improvement of production systems, developing and enhancing organic production and investment in agro machinery.

By implementing modern technologies ARS has enhanced operational and economic efficiencies, along with gathering valuable insights from collecting field data to achieve better production and operational results. Usage of high-end irrigation systems together with implementation of precision agriculture techniques has resulted in a high proportion of double-cropping and increased yields. Al Rawafed Serbia has fortified its position as a leader in the agricultural business and acts as a connection between South-eastern European countries and the growing economies of the world, for both domestic and international consumers.
Key Numbers
Total land: 10, 418 HA
Grain storage silos:
Location Center Sivac: 18 000t, six cells of 3000t
Location Center Nova Gajdobra: 12.000t, four cells of 3000t
Irrigation system:
5 pumping stations
99 irrigation machines
Total irrigated area in 2019: 6,068ha

Learn more at: www.alrawafed-serbia.com 


+381 11 40 33 200

Elite Agro Ethiopia

We grow you thrive. Elite agro LLC Ethiopia Branch was established in Oct, 2018 and currently operates three farms in different parts of the country. We are preparing to grow flowers, berries and Avocados in these farms.

Learn more at:  www.eaethiopia.com 
+251 115 573 857

Elite Agro Mauritania

We are committed to innovation in local farming practices in line with our mission to support the country’s journey towards achieving self-reliance and food security.

A subsidiary of the UAE Elite Agro Group (A Yas Holding Company), Elite Agro Mauritania SARL (EAM) was founded in 2015, with the aim of investing in Agricultural and Livestock sectors in Mauritania, enriching the locally grown vegetable, fodder and fruit markets.

EAM’s, Aftout Sahil project in Keur Macène, Trarza region, 153 kms, South of Nouakchott, became fully operational in 2018 with 50 net houses of Blueberries. Aftout Sahil farm with a total area of 4.000ha aims to be Mauritania’s largest fresh vegetable and fodder enterprise. The business has since expanded into melon and watermelon fruit production alongside alfalfa potatoes and onions.

EAM has begun the implementation of its second farm N’teikane, located in the Trarza region, 72 km North East of the Southern City of Rosso on the Senegal river.

The 1363 ha farm will be developed into a leading rice producing business supplemented with other crops of vegetables and fruit.

With fully operational support systems and a team of highly motivated professionals, EAM’s head office is based in the capital city of Mauritania – Nouakchott and is the supply and support hub for the two farming operations in the South.

EAM using state of the art agribusiness systems will help provide employment, agricultural knowledge, technical advancement and food security for the Mauritanian people

Tel: + 222 45255908

Elite Harvest Maroc

Inspiring healthy societies. Elite Harvest Maroc (EHM) is one of the leading producers and distributors of fresh fruit in the region delivering quality and affordability. We grow, source, import and market a wide range of high-quality agricultural products through the use of world-class technology and an effective distribution chain. We also prioritise the economic use of our precious natural resources – water, energy and land.

With the benefit of our regional knowledge and expertise, combined with strategic investments in modern machinery and specialist training, EHM is continually increasing output across its farms. We have a well-established business presence in five locations around Morocco: Kenitra, Fes, Sefrou, Marrakech and Benimellal, and embrace geographic diversification to produce a wide range of fruit all year round across all our sites.

We concentrate on the fastest-growing markets throughout Morocco, offering us unique opportunities in terms of production, exports, and domestic consumption.

Learn more at: www.ehm.ma
+212 5 30 11 00 00
FAX: +212 5 30 11 00 01

Elite Projects

Empowering farmers around the globe. Elite Agro Projects is synonymous with smart farming. We are a specialist agriculture and farm-related construction company. Our expertise is in custom-builds of farming facilities, installation of top-of-the-line farming equipment, irrigation systems, green houses and other farm infrastructure.

It gives us a great sense of accomplishment that we are able to empower farmers by introducing them to high-performance precision farming, innovations in agri-tech and best farming practices from around the world. With over a decade of experience in our chosen field and numerous successful projects globally, we are now a preferred agricultural construction service provider for an ever growing clientele.

We are adept at providing agricultural solutions suitable for the local conditions, to make profitable farming possible, establishing top quality facilities and structures to cater to grower requirements. Incorporating innovations and technology for optimal results, and conceiving and initiating model projects that work as templates, these can be replicated quickly and easily.

While our reputation in the GCC countries is well established, we have a growing footprint across the world and a fast expanding portfolio.

Learn more at: www.eliteprojects.ae 


Shop the healthiest farm-fresh foods online with farmbox. With deliveries across the UAE!

Our homegrown website has now expanded to offer you a huge variety of UAE products including meat, eggs, dairy, kids’ food, mineral water and pantry items like spices, olive oil, chocolate and flowers, in addition to their top quality produce from our trusted farmers, Elite Agro.

If organic is what you’re after, farmbox is a perfect choice. The company offers a subscription-based service for home delivery of organic and premium produce. Products are sourced from Europe alongside locally sourced organic local produce. Packed with farm-fresh foods, shoppers can order healthy food at the click of a button. The store offers everything from fresh fruit and vegetables, dairy, free-range eggs, exotic spices, fragrant teas, poultry, organic baby food, cold-pressed juices and more.

Customers can also browse their variety of specialty items for every type of dietary requirement, including vegan-friendly milk variants and superfoods, like chia and quinoa seeds. Our team carefully sources every item from trusted local and international farmers, aiming to get the best quality, healthy goods from their farms to your table in record time and at affordable prices.

Ordering with farmbox is easy on the app, and we have an online chat option on our website. Our Web site also offers healthy recipes and answers your queries immediately. Reach out to us on Facebook and Instagram too. It’s as simple as choosing the type of box you want, the size, where you want the produce from, and then specifying which day and time you’d like it delivered.

We all know the struggle of maintaining a busy schedule, where a trip to the supermarket often gets left to the last minute. farmbox takes the hassle out of shopping for fresh produce by picking the best quality, freshest products and delivering them straight to your home.

Learn more at: www.farmbox.ae
04 2485851

Maraie Al Khaleej

A leader in sheep farming.

MAK provides best practice in husbandry for sheep farming to produce premium quality lambs.

Established in 2013, Maraie Al Khaleej Livestock Company is one of the largest sheep farms in the UAE specialising in breeding Al Neimi sheep playing a vital role in the food security of Abu Dhabi and the UAE. We are fast expanding to offer our premium quality meat direct to the consumer. Our focus is on producing high-grade breeding stock and high-quality meat through our best practice husbandry and veterinary care. Our core business is producing high-quality lamb meat for the local market especially during high seasons demand and we produce more than 5,000 lambs a year.

We envisage that our goal of establishing the first standard, modern and profitable sheep farm in the UAE will play a major role in improving the livestock sector in the UAE. We also aspire to be a role model to lead other farms in turn, to achieve the ultimate goal of food security in the UAE.

Learn more at: www.maklivestock.ae

Marmum Dairy

Marmum Dairy: Made with Love. Marmum first entered the UAE dairy industry 36 years ago to add to the good health of the people by supplying fresh dairy products across UAE. Over the years, our zeal to deliver exceptional quality has placed us among the most sought-after brands in the region. One that is recognised and remembered for its legacy and excellence.

In 2017, Marmum Dairy was bought by Yas Holding’s Elite Agro, who have significantly invested in the farming and processing infrastructure, building the GCC’s most modern dairy farm and plant.

We are a team of dedicated individuals who are passionate about taking the brand to new heights by constantly striving to add to our manufacturing and product innovation standards, in order to provide the best in class products and service for our consumers.

Key Numbers • Marmum currently has 5000 Holstein cows • 80-unit rotary milking parlour harvests milk from the cows at the rate of up to 7,500 litres per hour.
• The Plant which has capacity to fill 400,000 litres a day currently produces over 70 million products per year across 168 SKUs.
• Marmum currently has 140 routes and services over 6,500 customers across UAE


General : info@marmum.ae 

Sales :  sales@marmum.ae 

Mawasim Global Resource Trading LLC

Mawasim Global Resource Trading LLC is registered as a Small and Medium Enterprise with various local Government establishments and is the distribution arm of United Trading and Distribution Holding.

We serve local retailers of varying sizes, including Co-Operative stores, for all their FMCG needs, and have a presence in all distribution channels including Modern Trade, Traditional Trade and Horeca. We serve all geographical locations of UAE.

Learn more at: www.mawasim.ae
+971 2 554 4038

Miznah Hotels & Resorts - Tourist congress centre Zobnatica

Zobnatica is a unique tourist complex with a long tradition, and history dating back to 1779, which includes a variety of tourist attractions.

The Zobnatica lake was formed in 1976 in the valley of the river Krivaja with an area of 226 hectares and a length of 5 km. The lake has become a genuine tourist attraction where visitors can swim, enjoy sports, food and fishing.

Zobnatica is a centre of horse breeding and equestrian sports with a long tradition. The horse farm was founded in 1779 and the unique nature in the Backa plain was a perfect place for lovers of equestrian sports. Guests can enjoy riding in nature, a horseback riding school, as well as horse-drawn carriage rides. The horse farm is in the heart of Zobnatica with a Hippodrome and covered arena.

Within the tourist congress centre Zobnatica, there are also a unique museum of horsemanship built in the shape of a horseshoe, an art gallery, Miznah Hotel & Resorts and the former Castle of the family Terlei – (Hotel Kastel) which was converted into a hotel in 2012 and is under the protection of the Institute for the Protection of Cultural Monuments.

Miznah Hotel & Resorts with Hotel Kastel have in total 30 luxuriously equipped rooms with 65 beds. Visitors can relax in the cafe bar, à la carte international restaurant, or enjoy the view from the beautifully decorated terrace overlooking Zobnatica Lake. Visitors can also use our brand new Fitness Centre and Spa zone and a special colourful playroom is provided for our youngest guests.
The congress centre Zobnatica provides unique opportunities for hosting various life events, as well as congresses, seminars, team building activities and other business events.

Learn more at: www.miznahhotels.com

+381 (24) 715 842


Welcome to Zobnatica.

As one of the most respected companies in the agriculture industry we deliver best quality, maximum efficiency and innovative agriculture solutions.

Zobnatica is a highly reputed producer of fresh fruit and vegetables, which includes activities from cultivation to packaging, storage, logistics and trading. In 2016 the company started industrial potato production and a blueberry orchard which were expanded progressively over 2017 and 18. Today we are recognised as regional leaders in the production and distribution of blueberries, potatoes and we also produce significant yields of onions, peas, sweet corn, green beans plus many other field crops.

By continuously increasing the growth rate of agriculture development our products are present in the markets of neighbouring countries, EU and GCC countries. We use the state-of-the-art technological solutions in production of all our crops and all our processes are controlled by highly professional teams and organised in strict compliance with the recommendations of international safety standards for agronomic manufacturing processes.

We are leaders in the development process of new products, implementation of high-end technologies in agriculture and acquiring new markets.

Key Numbers
· Zobnatica has 1,450 ha under cultivation
· Zobnatica agriculture mechanization consists of fleet of over 140 machinery.

Elite Agriculture Management LLC

Established in 2019, Elite Agriculture Management (EAM) specialises in the construction of unique agriculture and agro-industrial projects in the UAE. A strategic agricultural company, EAM acts as a service provider to an important component of the agriculture industry, agri-food community, and wildlife development in the United Arab Emirates and overseas.

Due to the rapid growth of the agriculture business, and the need to secure fresh produce year-round, EAM commits to strengthening food production and food security through the comprehensive planning and implementation of agriculture projects. 

EAM has extensive experience in this specialised field in addition to the capability to manage a wide variety of farming operations, including but not limited to fruit orchards, vegetable production, and livestock. We also strive to support and strengthen sustainability in the agriculture sector, by focusing on locally grown, efficient agriculture.

EAM serves local Supermarkets, Distributors/Traders, Govt. Sectors, Private Farming, and Yas Holding companies. We also encompass all activities related to planning, management, improvement, and agriculture production services.

Key Numbers

EAM operates 43 farms in the UAE established on thousands of hectares of protected fields (greenhouses).

60,000+ date palm trees and fruit tree orchards

Botanical Gardens with over 1,000 species of plants and Honey Bee hives

Tens of thousands of Chickens, Ostriches, Ducks, Guinee Fowls, Turkey’s, Ducks, Indian Runners and Geese

We produces vast quantities of Vegetables (Tomato, Tomato Cherry, Egg Plant, Lettuce, Herbs, Leaves, Pepper, Fenugreek, Fennel), Fruits (Strawberry, Fig, Raspberry, Black Berry, Custard Apple, Physalis, Pomegranate, Grapes, Orange), Forages, Dates, Table Olives, Honey and Poultry

Learn more at: info@eam.ae

Landline : +971 2 510 5318

Fax           : +971 2 658 3645 

Elite Agro UAE

With aspirations of creating a new green history on the sands of our great country, Elite Agro UAE has grown exponentially since inception in 2010, and is now recognized across the region as one of the leading local producers and distributors of fresh fruit and vegetables.

Our local cultivation extends to approximately 3000 hectares across four major farms, located in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain, producing more than twenty-five varieties of fresh produce including fruit, vegetables and forages.

Elite Agro UAE are a quality-driven center of excellence in farming practice, and our farm certifications include Global G.A.P, BRC, HACCP, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 and ISO 22000.

Our commitment to achieving the nations farming vision is enabled by world-class irrigation and farming technologies, advanced machinery, highly competitive and specialised talent, and the most economic use of our natural resources conserving water, energy and land.

P.O Box: 126836

Abu Dhabi

United Arab Emirates

Tel: +971 (2) 510 5050

Web site: http://www.eag.ae/

Reef Emirates

Founded to meet the growing customer need for locally sourced, high quality and trusted poultry products, Reef Emirates is a home-grown brand proudly established to serve our customers across the UAE.

Supplying a range of product choices for consumers, from wings to whole chickens, Reef Emirates chicken is sourced solely from trusted UAE countryside farms that meet our extremely high standards of high quality, safety, hormone and antibiotic-free rearing practices and high standards of feed quality, in addition to meeting and exceeding all stringent local laws and regulations.

Ingrained with a deep understanding that naturally reared, well-fed and extremely fresh chicken is a high priority for our customers, Reef Emirates’ is expertly focused on delivering the freshest, highest quality poultry products across the UAE, through our time optimised state-of-the-art, fully equipped, delivery network.

Reef Emirates, which means “The UAE countryside", reflects our commitment to supply locally sourced, high quality, farm fresh produce from farm-to-table, and, through our advanced logistics, deliver this in a time that guarantees freshness. Taking great pride in its standards, and the dedication and care that Reef Emirates applies to sourcing chickens, ensures that they have had a good quality life and healthy diet. This ultimately results in a healthier, more delicious chicken for our customers to enjoy.

“Reef Emirates", established by Marmum Poultry Co., is part of Elite Agro, our Division dedicated to producing the highest quality farm fresh produce from over 30 farms, including a wide variety of products ranging across fruit, vegetables, dairy, herbs honey and dates to name a few.

Toll Free: 800 877 633

Email: customercare@reefemirates.ae

Elite Global Fresh Trading

Elite Global Fresh Trading (EGFT) is a leading UAE-based producer of sustainably grown, premium quality farm-fresh produce full of #NaturalGoodness.

Thoughtfully Farm Grown

We bring fresh produce, bursting with #NaturalGoodness, to our customers direct from our own farms and other carefully selected producers.

Delivering Farm Freshness, Fast

We grow, source and deliver high-quality fresh produce fast, through our full-scale, in-house operations, including our own future-ready farms located across the UAE, Africa, and Europe.

EGFT proudly contributes to local food security in the UAE by sourcing and importing the freshest produce from farms which only use biological pesticides.

We are the commercial arm and distributor of Elite Agro, and the brand owner of Elite Fresh, Elite Berry, and Elite Date brands.

Nurturing Nature, Nourishing the Future

A subsidiary of Elite Agro Holding (EAG), the international agriculture division of Yas Holding, EGFT is able to source an extensive range of fresh, high-quality seasonal produce, direct from our own farms and from our carefully selected partners around the globe.

Our direct access to EAG’s expertise in farming, agriculture, and fresh food production, sourced from over 36 farms that we operate in the UAE and beyond, makes EGFT your freshness partner of choice.

Elite Agro also owns one of the UAE’s most loved dairy farms, Marmum, and delivers our farm fresh produce direct to our customers’ tables through the award-winning platform, Farmbox.

With seamless end-to-end local and international operations and wide availability across leading supermarkets such as Spinneys and Carrefour, we deliver high quality seasonal produce our customers can trust.

The end result is natural, fresh food that help our customers live healthier lives.

Email: info@egft.ae

Mobile: 04-3821949

Our Brands


A subsidiary of Yas Holding, Elagro leverages on the unrivalled strength and scale of Elite Agro, our industry leading agriculture division, to bring a complete range of agricultural inputs alongside the latest agri-innovations at competitive rates, making them equally available to small, medium, and large-scale farmers.

We support the UAE’s agricultural industry by supplying high-quality seeds, fertilisers, and protective covers. Our expertise lies in our ability to combine our product range with the most innovative pollination, irrigation, and water desalination solutions that address the challenges posed by the world’s most demanding farming environments.

We believe that sustainability and efficiency are key to empowering local farmers to produce high quality food that consumers can trust whilst protecting the nation’s food security agenda.

Elagro is the UAE’s exclusive agricultural inputs trader and distributor of Rivulis®, BioBee®, and Maxgrow® products.

Email: sales@elagro.ae

Mobile: +971(2)5105000