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About Us

Our Agriculture and Food Division is not just about food production, processing and distribution, but also about food technology and security. With significant interests both locally and internationally and crops ranging from forages to wheat, vegetables, fruit and even olive oil and honey, we have grown rapidly.

Our Vision

EAG’s vision is to write a new green history on the sands of the UAE, and to work internationally to provide food security for the nation. We believe in sustainable farming and harnessing technological innovation that protects our world’s precious natural resources, to provide healthy food for all and to inspire a healthy society.

Our Mission

Our driving mission is providing food for all and leading the country’s journey towards food security and self-reliance. We are committed to driving new farming methods, and invite fresh innovative solutions that contribute to the overall development of our nation.

Our Values

We base everything we do on a strong set of values which we live by in our daily dealings with customers, colleagues and the wider UAE and global communities. These values ensure that we build lasting, quality relationships with everyone we work with.
Our values are:

⦁ Foster agricultural growth through innovations
⦁ Work with sustainability in mind
⦁ Passion for excellence
⦁ Act with integrity
⦁ Commitment to social responsibility
⦁ Respect