Governance Framework

Yas Holding LLC (YHL) and our Holding Companies and Subsidiaries (Group) are committed to good governance practices across all our entities.  Good governance is crucial to delivering our strategy, aligning our stakeholders, empowering executive management and enhancing accountability and control.   Our Governance Framework is regularly reviewed in line with regulatory changes, the requirements of our shareholders, and the expectations of the communities in which we operate.  The Group is committed to continually improving our governance arrangements to promote fairness, accountability, responsibility and transparency across the Group.   Key aspects of our Governance Framework are described below.

Boards and Board Committees

The roles and responsibilities of our Boards and Committees are enshrined in our Board and Committee Charters.  Four principal Board Committees have been established to assist the Board in discharging its responsibilities.  These are Audit Committee, Risk Committee, Investment Committee and Remuneration Committee.

Code of Conduct & Ethics

Our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics (Code) describes the legal and ethical standards with which our Board members, Committee members, Executive Management, employees and any third parties who have contractual arrangements with the Group are expected to comply.  Our Code details the expectations of the Group relating to Conflicts of Interest, Anti-Fraud and Corruption, Confidentiality and Harassment. The ultimate aim of our code is to promote a culture of fairness, honesty, transparency and accountability.

Anti Corruption and Anti Fraud

Our detailed Anti Corruption and Anti Fraud Policy aims to create and promote an anti-corruption culture across the Group, highlighting a Group-wide policy of zero tolerance to corrupt or fraudulent practice.

Risk Management

Risk is inherent in all the Group’s business activities, and Yas Holding is committed to good risk management practices across all business areas and all Group companies.  The diversity inherent in the Group’s portfolio is key to our risk management approach and we draw on the strengths in our diverse assets to leverage risk knowledge and maximise value. Our Risk Management framework includes the systems, structures, policies and process which detail how risk is analysed and leveraged when setting Group objectives, and how the rigorous management of these risks helps ensure the achievement of our objectives.


The Group is committed to ensuring that all concerned parties can confidentially raise any matters of concern without fear of reprisal, in the knowledge that they will be investigated appropriately.  Our Whistleblowing policy highlights our stance of zero-tolerance to a range of areas including fraud, corruption, exploitative or discriminatory work practices, environmental damage, legal and human rights violations, misuse of power etc.   This policy also provides clarity on how matters can be raised and how these matters will be managed, and outlines the protection and support which is provided to whistleblowers.   Concerned parties can request a copy of our Whistleblowing Policy or contact our dedicated whistleblower hotline using any of the following methods:

From inside the Group dial 9090,
From outside dial +971(02)-6149090
Dedicated Email Address: