AD Zobnatica Backa Topola LLC

AD Zobnatica  Backa Topola exists since 1947 and from 1997 is registered as a joint Stock Company for agricultural production. The main activity of the company is agricultural production. Zobnatica has a long tradition in tourism and horse farming. “Yugo Elite Agro” d.o.o. from Novi Beograd become the sole shareholder of Zobnatica in December 2014. Tourism is secondary activity with two hotel facilities.

Zobnatica is well known as a Horse Farm, and has stables built in 1779 by Family Torley. Zobnatica had a tradition of horse racing days in September, that was stopped in 2007 and that we want to renew in the next years.

Zobnatica has open field production on state owned land that is given to Zobnatica based on the Lease Agreements on preference right because of irrigation systems that irrigate only 730ha of total leased 1305ha. The main production was commercial crops like wheat, barley, maize, sunflower and soybeans but also has joint production of seed wheat and seed maize. In 2016, Zobnatica started contracted potato production with the PepsiCo local company, “Marbo product” d.o.o. on 116 ha for the starting year and agreed on the production of 250ha. The new vegetable production introduced in 2017 is onion.

In 2016 it started an investment to establish a blueberry orchard on 100 ha.

Horse Farm
Sheep Farm
Open Field Commercial crops

  • Wheat, seed wheat
  • Barley, malting barley
  • Maize
  • Seed maize: contracted production
  • Sunflower

Farming, producing, processing and trading high quality food and feed by using sustainable, innovative and state of the art technology and optimum processes that generate premium equity returns to our customers and shareholders while creating right environment for agriculture and values for food supply chain with an ultimate care fir nature.
To enhance the development of the specialized equestrian services and tourism side by side with fostering the expansion of sustainable tourism enterprise.


  • Agriculture
  • Livestock
  • Tourism

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Suboticki put bb
24 300 Backa Topola, Serbia