Elite Agro Mauritania SARL LLC

A subsidiary of the UAE Elite Agro Group, Elite Agro Mauritania (EAM) was founded in 2015 with the aim to invest in Mauritania in the agricultural and livestock sectors due to the existence of significant potential and natural resources on which the country depends to improve its national growth, the achievement of food security and the development of natural resources.

Elite Agro Mauritania has developed an action plan in order in increase the output across its framing interests. We are growing different fruits in each Farm.

Main products being considered are vegetables, fruits, fodder crop and livestock (Crop Plan is under preparation)
Elite Agro Mauritania employs FARM TO TABLE
The company has begun the implementation of its first project in the River Valley, which is located 75 km East if the City of Rosso, through the development of an area of 1360 ha, the greater part will be exploited for vegetables intended for export, fruit trees with high yield, livestock and fodder production.

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