Elite Harvest MAROC LLC

Elite Harvest Morocco was established in 2015. Elite Harvest Morocco aspires to write a new green history on the land of Morocco. We are one of the leading producers and distributors if daily fresh fruits in the region and our primary objective always are quality & affordability. Our vision is to be a lead Supplier of premium quality fresh fruits through sustainable fresh produce solution.

Actually, we are running six project Farms which are: Kenitra 2 Farm, Fes Farm, Sefrou Farm, Beni-Mellal Farm, Marrakech Farm. We have developed A schedule Plan (Action Plan) for each Project Farm

We are growing different fruits in each Farm.

We aim to grow different kinds of fruits. The products that we have already produced are:

  • Raspberry: We are growing it within 10 ha in Kenitra Farm
  • Strawberry: We are growing it within 20 ha in Kenitra Farm

The Upcoming products that we will produce are:

  • Blueberry: 49 ha in Kenitra Farm
  • Peach, Nectarine, Plum, Apricot: 60 ha in Fes Farm;
  • Pears & Plum: 160 ha in Sefrou Farm;
  • Pomegranate & Persimmon: 160 ha in Beni-Mellal Farm;
  • Grapes, citrus & Almond: 420 ha in Marrakech Farm.

Elite Harvest employs FARM TO TABLE

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Kingdom of Morocco