YAS Holding partnered with EON Reality Inc and created an Interactive Digital Center (IDC) Hub in UAE, which is managed by a joint venture established by the two companies.

The joint venture, EON Reality UAE LLC, was established on 11 Jan 2015. EON Reality UAE LLC consolidated agreement to be strategic innovation partner with Higher Colleges of Technology (HCT). Through this agreement, HCT accommodates the IDC hub in its Dubai Men’s College Campus where EON Reality UAE LLC runs its Innovation Academy which trains up to 50 students on Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) software and applications development.

EON Reality UAE LLC is set to be a conduit for such knowledge and skills transfer into UAE and secure a reasonable return on investment to sustain its strategy aiming to grow in education, industry and edutainment sectors.

Innovation Academy: Academic arm of EON where an EON Reality owned curriculum is applied for regional resource building. Student are trained to be developers capable of producing 3D models, application and products to be used in VR, AR and AV domains to satisfy the industry, education and entertainment sector’s needs.
Global Project: EON’s  21+ offices provide global projects and to assist, support, and drive revenues.
Local Projects: These are projects that are secured within the region.
Idome: A dome movie theater featuring 4D AR,VR,AV products for education and entertainment.
Online Product: EON has built the world’s largest online VR marketplace to sell IDC developed applications online.
Innovation & Incubation: Creating of new companies by IDC within VR/AR markets currently untapped by EON.
Volume Roll-Outs Industry Rollouts: IDC developed generic applications developed regionally.
Edutainment Rollouts: Establishment of franchised Idomes the region.

Deliver 3D, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality solutions to make Knowledge Transfer Available, Accessible, and Affordable for the UAE youth.

Industry (Oil and Gas, Energy, Aerospace, Transportation, Defense, Health, Tourism and Real Estate etc.), Education (all levels of education) and Entertainment

+971 2 509 1103 (Abu Dhabi) and +971 4 394 1618 (Dubai)
EON Reality UAE, Dubai Men’s College
Academic City Road
Academic City, Al Rowaiyah Second – Dubai, UAE