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About Us

Nebras Education Holding is the education-technology sector of Yas Holding specialised in innovative, fully integrated, and technology-based education solutions and services, including learning and school management, digital reading platforms, and assessments, to deliver the best learning experience within modern and diverse environments.

Our subsidiaries, Ibtikar, Second Step and ITWorx Education, develop a fully integrated education ecosystem to inspire and engage students, teachers & parents, as well as to enhance efficiency and transparency in educational institutions. With our bespoke solutions, we enable seamless access to digital learning content from leading publishers on our personalised content platforms. We also offer products and services for corporate entities to develop employee skill sets further and promote lifelong learning. All our products and services seamlessly integrate with Microsoft 365, including Microsoft Teams, Office 365, and Microsoft Learn.

At present, our solutions are deployed to over 2,000 education establishments, serving more than one million students and one million teachers across the Middle East, Africa, and Eastern Europe, with expansion plans to Southeast Asia and Latin America.