Reef Emirates

Reef Emirates

Founded to meet the growing customer need for locally sourced, high quality and trusted poultry products, Reef Emirates is a home-grown brand proudly established to serve our customers across the UAE.

Supplying a range of product choices for consumers, from wings to whole chickens, Reef Emirates chicken is sourced solely from trusted UAE countryside farms that meet our extremely high standards of high quality, safety, hormone and antibiotic-free rearing practices and high standards of feed quality, in addition to meeting and exceeding all stringent local laws and regulations.

Ingrained with a deep understanding that naturally reared, well-fed and extremely fresh chicken is a high priority for our customers, Reef Emirates’ is expertly focused on delivering the freshest, highest quality poultry products across the UAE, through our time optimised state-of-the-art, fully equipped, delivery network.

Reef Emirates, which means "The UAE countryside", reflects our commitment to supply locally sourced, high quality, farm fresh produce from farm-to-table, and, through our advanced logistics, deliver this in a time that guarantees freshness. Taking great pride in its standards, and the dedication and care that Reef Emirates applies to sourcing chickens, ensures that they have had a good quality life and healthy diet. This ultimately results in a healthier, more delicious chicken for our customers to enjoy.

"Reef Emirates", established by Marmum Poultry Co., is part of Elite Agro, our Division dedicated to producing the highest quality farm fresh produce from over 30 farms, including a wide variety of products ranging across fruit, vegetables, dairy, herbs honey and dates to name a few.

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Reef Emirates

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