Quantum Innovation Summit 2024. Highlights Prime Sponsorship And Exhibitor: ITQAN Featuring QuEra Computing

5 Mar 2024 Technology

Dubai, UAE – The Quantum Innovation Summit 2024, the pivotal event in the quantum technology space, is proud to announce ITQAN as its Prime Sponsor, with a special feature on QuEra Computing, a pioneer in the field of quantum computing. This year, both ITQAN and QuEra Computing will not only contribute to the Summit’s discussions but will also showcase their latest technologies and solutions at their respective booth in The H Hotel – Al Massa Ballroom, Dubai, on February 28th and 29th.

ITQAN: A Legacy of Technological Excellence

Since its establishment in 1984 and transformation to ITQAN in 1997, ITQAN has been a cornerstone in the UAE’s tech sector as a Systems Integrator. With a comprehensive portfolio covering Applications, Infrastructure, Cyber Security, and Integrated Security, ITQAN delivers tailored solutions that meet the needs of enterprise clients. ITQAN’s dedication to innovation and quality has made this leading company a preferred partner across diverse sectors, including Government, Education, and Finance.

QuEra Computing: Redefining Quantum Computing

QuEra Computing stands at the forefront of quantum computing, leveraging neutral atoms to commercialize quantum computers. With its roots in groundbreaking research from Harvard University and MIT, QuEra operates the world’s largest publicly accessible quantum computer, available for both cloud and on-premises delivery. Specializing in developing large-scale, fault-tolerant quantum computers, QuEra aims to solve problems that are currently beyond the capabilities of classical computing, establishing itself as a leader in the quantum field.

A Confluence of Innovation

Both ITQAN and QuEra Computing will exhibit at the Quantum Innovation Summit, offering attendees a firsthand look at their state-of-the-art technologies and services. This exhibition will provide a unique opportunity for summit participants to engage directly with the companies’ experts, explore collaborative opportunities, and gain insights into the future of technology.

Adding to the Summit’s distinguished lineup of speakers, Tommaso Macrì, Executive Account Manager at QuEra Computing Inc., will share his expertise on the transformative potential of quantum computing.

The Quantum Innovation Summit 2024 invites industry leaders, academics, and technology enthusiasts to join this dynamic platform. Together, we will explore the latest developments and prospects in quantum technology, driven by the contributions of ITQAN, QuEra Computing, and other leading entities in the field.

About The Quantum Innovation Summit:

The Quantum Innovation Summit is an annual event that highlights key themes and groundbreaking advancements in quantum technology. Serving as a platform for sharing knowledge, networking, and exploring future directions in quantum innovation, the Summit is a must-attend for those at the forefront of the quantum technology field.


ITQAN stands as a prominent Systems Integrator in the UAE market. Renowned for delivering top-notch solutions, tailored to meet the unique business requirements of enterprise clients. ITQAN offers a comprehensive Solutions Portfolio encompassing Applications, Infrastructure, Cyber Security, and Integrated Security.

In the Applications domain, ITQAN excels in harmonizing vendor applications to craft exclusive and intelligent solutions that enhance clients’ business workflows. Regarding Infrastructure, ITQAN offers a spectrum of solutions, including Software, Hardware, Networking, Data Security, Cloud, and more.

Established in 1984 as Al Bawardi Computers and later rebranded as ITQAN in 1997, it has grown to become a trusted name in the industry. With a highly skilled multinational team of over 300 IT professionals and offices in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, ITQAN continues to be a preferred choice for various market sectors, including Government, Education, OGEU, BFSI, and more, epitomizing the essence of ‘perfection’ encapsulated in its Arabic name.

About QuEra Computing Inc.

QuEra Computing is the leader in commercializing quantum computers using neutral atoms, which is widely recognized as a highly promising quantum modality. Based in Boston and built on pioneering research from nearby Harvard University and MIT, QuEra operates the world’s largest publicly accessible quantum computer, available over a major public cloud and for on-premises delivery. QuEra is developing large-scale, fault-tolerant quantum computers to tackle classically intractable problems, becoming the partner of choice in the quantum field.