WellPharma Medical Solutions (WMS) is the UAE’s first and only IV solutions manufacturing plant to cater to the ever-growing demand for life saving IV solutions in DEHP-free containers and bags.

Spread over an area of 7500sqm, WMS is an ultra-modern facility equipped with the latest technology and equipment, constructed in technical collaboration with Bram Spa Italy.

The facility complies with the latest USFDA, EU, and ISPE standards, and has capacity to produce and fill 6 million litres in different forms and sizes along with a secondary packaging facility.

Our Facilities

    Fully closed cleanrooms

    SCAFA controlled water and air systems

    Fully closed and automated formulation plant

    Fully automated bag forming, filling, and sealing under LAF (Class 100)

    Sterilization at 121 ⁰C by super-heated water autoclave ensuring 100% product sterility

Our Products

    IV Fluids (50ml to 1000ml bags)

    Irrigation Fluids (500ml to 3000ml)

    Dialysis Solutions (5000 ml)

    Therapeutic Products (Wellpar, Onset, Tricone)

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