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Good governance is crucial to the delivery of our strategy, ensuring alignment with our stakeholders, empowering executive management, and enhancing accountability and control.

Yas Holding is committed to continually improving its governance practices to promote fairness, accountability, responsibility, and transparency across the Group.

Board & Committees

The roles and responsibilities of our Group Board of Directors and Board Committees are defined in our Board and respective Board Committee Charters.

We have established three principal Board Committees to assist the Board in carrying out its responsibilities. These are the Audit and Risk Committee, the Investment Committee, and the Nomination and Remuneration Committee.

Risk Management & Compliance

We operate in challenging environments and understand that risks are an inherent part of our business. Identifying, managing, and leveraging risks and opportunities is key to the successful execution of our strategic objectives. We are committed to implementing robust risk management practices to safeguard our business interests, enhance resilience, and drive sustainable growth.

Our overarching compliance mission is to ensure business processes and controls are efficient, in line with industry best practices, and ultimately comply with the relevant laws and regulations.

Code of Conduct & Ethics

Our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics (Code) defines the legal and ethical standards with which our Board members, Board Committee members, Executive Management, employees, and any third parties who have contractual arrangements with the Group are expected to comply.

The Code details the expectations of the Group, such as conflicts of interest and confidentiality, as part of our efforts to promote a culture of fairness, honesty, transparency, and accountability.

Violation & Reporting

Yas Holding is dedicated to upholding transparency, honesty, and ethics in our operations. We understand that our employees, clients, partners, and stakeholders each contribute significantly to the realisation of these principles.

We take a zero-tolerance approach to corruption and aim to create an environment where everyone involved in our operations feels free to raise complaints and concerns in the knowledge that they will be taken seriously and investigated properly.

If you are aware of any improper conduct taken by a Yas Holding company, employee, affiliate, customer, or supplier, please report it via our dedicated whistleblowing channels:

Yas Holding will never retaliate, nor tolerate retaliation against you, for reporting a complaint or concern, or participating in an investigation.

Advice for Lodging a Complaint

When lodging a complaint or concern, please try to provide sufficient information to permit adequate investigation. Typically, we will require the following:

  • The name and contact information of the reporting party. You may file your report anonymously, but please be aware that there are inherent limits that come with investigating anonymous reports.
  • A description of the improper activity, with sufficient detail.
  • The name of the other parties involved in or with knowledge of the activity. These might be other employees, individuals, companies or departments.
  • The time and date the activity took place. These can be approximate.
  • Any other supporting documents.
  • Details of any steps taken to report or resolve the issue previously.

Integrated Management Systems

Our Group promotes continuous improvement of its quality management system, encourages a positive health and safety culture, and actively promotes environmental preservation and awareness, in line with ISO standards, laws and regulations.

We are also committed to providing a secure and productive business environment that is remotely accessible and ensures confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information.